Our Club Story

Once upon a time, a group of people gathered around a large table for a birthday party. The company turned out to be rather unusual and people were generally unfamiliar with each other. However, each of the guests definitely knew the birthday man.

Teacups and saucers, milk and sugar were placed on the table around a large teapot. The birthday man perched next to a beautiful birthday cake with burning candles. He was just about to make a wish.

One of the guests, just for fun, appealed to the birthday man: "Today is a special day, your birthday. It's time for miracles. Birthday man,” he pressed on, “Do your wishes usually come true?"

The birthday man looked at him quizzically. “Yes,” he replied, “Especially the most incredible ones," he said in quite a serious tone.

"Wow!" the guests exclaimed, exchanging glances in surprise. "Really?"

"Yes, they do,” he confirmed. “But, ladies and gentlemen, it is now the crucial moment, the time for me to make my wish. It is very important to me so I beg silence from you all. I need to concentrate.”

All the guests hushed.

Then, the birthday man solemnly extinguished the candles. There came a flourish of general rejoicing and applause.

When the excitement wavered, the guests asked the birthday man if he could reveal his wish.

"Of course I cannot," he said.

Then someone inquired: "But how incredible is your wish?"

The birthday man sighed. "To the same degree as if this teapot were to start talking and express his own wishes," he answered, chuckling and rubbing his hands, admiring how ridiculous his analogy was.

But suddenly, at the final utterance of his words, the whole room seemed to be transformed. Even light became brighter.

"Cough cough..." came from the teapot.

The birthday man's face sunk in horror.

Looking at the teapot, he exclaimed: "Oh, no! It's not what I wished!"

"I see some good company has gathered," the teapot spoke, glancing all around. "And by the way, my name is JollyTPot," which he then spelled for the crowd.

The guests were utterly bewildered. But after a while, they started to become more impressed and intrigued, instead. What started as applause turned into a howling cheer. Then, the guests began to question JollyTPot about his wishes.

"Oh, no," said the teapot, "I have no wishes. But what I do have is stories. In fact, I can tell one now. And if you gather some company on another date, I will tell you the next story… and so on and so forth…"

After listening to JollyTPot’s incredible story that day, all the participants decided to organize tea-and-story parties so they could listen to the teapot’s stories.

This first fateful day marked the beginning of a company. A club was born and it was aptly named JollyTPot.

by Mikhail Buzhinskiy

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